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What is laser scanning? Is laser scanning suitable for my car project? What do I do with the scan data? These are common questions for those that are new to this workflow. Feel free to browse our information pages to learn more – and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a dedicated design studio that offer the following services: 3D Laser Scanning, Reverse-Engineering, Automotive Design, Rapid Prototyping, and Workflow Consultation. All our services are performed in-house; allowing us to retain a high level of accuracy and quality control. Learn more about our team’s background and experience at this page.

3D Laser Scanning

The process of utilizing an industrial-grade laser scanner to precisely measure, capture and acquire physical geometry into virtual space as digitized data. More Info


The task of taking scanned data and manually tracing and re-surfacing the object accurately in smooth, clean, usable CAD formats for later processes. More Info

Automotive Design

The creative and problem-solving process in taking ideas and developing into new automotive products, designed for the consumer market and manufacturing. More Info

Rapid Prototyping

The process of taking a design in digitized data and through a process of additive manufacturing, create a physical, tangible object and prototype. More Info

Our Workflow

Our unique step-by-step workflow that helps projects achieve the best design and highest quality of work possible in the most efficient manner. More Info