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Who We Are

Car is the premier automotive laser scanning studio in Ontario, Canada. We specialize in industrial-grade laser scanning, reverse-engineering, automotive design and development. We are a team of professionally trained industrial and transportation designers with over 15 years of industry experience.

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About Us

About us

Scanning + Design

The distinguishing feature of Car is based on the dynamic perspective of the designer; specifically, our team’s in-depth knowledge and experience as automotive professionals. As trained designers, we understand the full process of product development: from initial ideation, preliminary visuals, ergonomics research, integrated laser scanning solutions, CAD development, efficient prototyping, to understanding market demographics and trends.

In addition to our powerful acquisition tools for capturing and digitizing automotive surfaces and component geometry, our team is highly skilled and proficient in CAD design and reverse-engineering. All designs and re-surfacing are performed with the utmost precision and accuracy. Having all our services and phases of work performed 100% in-house allows us to hold a high level of detail and quality control. Learn about our Non-Overlap Guarantee and Quality Assurance at this page.

We are the premier studio in Ontario that specializes in automotive laser scanning. Our team’s deep background and experience with vehicular architecture help us better understand the project objectives and components’ mechanical details.

We are the only laser scanning studio in Canada with an in-house commercial 2-post car lift; allowing us to easily scan and capture data from all angles around the vehicle, including the complete bottom floor pan and wheel wells.

We use state-of-the-art, industry-leading metrology equipment: our high-power blue laser scanner and our CMM probe are both ISO 17025 Certified. Additionally, our system is fully portable, allowing us to scan on-site at your location.