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Quality Assurance

Our studio aims for the highest degree of quality in all the services we provide. We take a considered approach to every challenge, and we ensure every task is performed to above professional industry standards. By choosing, our customers will receive the utmost stringent quality control and attention-to-detail.

Non-Overlap Guarantee

Accuracy is the most important technical specification for all 3D scanning and laser scanning projects. Captured data should be as faithful and true to the original, physical parts as much as possible. However, majority of the entry-level and hobby machines have a common problem: data overlap. This issue occurs when the scanning reaches around the part, approaches the starting location, and captures the original surfaces as duplicate data. This deviation is representative of the level of inaccuracy; meaning the data could be off by as much as millimeters to inches.

This happens because volumetric accuracy (as opposed to regular accuracy) is prone to drastic error rates that build up exponentially. This effectively makes the data unreliable to use in later stages of the project, such as design and engineering, to production and quality control, and affect quality of end products. For vehicle projects, this means looser tolerances and causes faults in performance and fitment.

We believe in doing things once and doing it right the first time. To provide our customers with the reassurance that our scanning is performed to the highest degree and that data overlap will not occur, we created our Non-Overlap Guarantee (N.O.G.) policy. All our laser scanning projects follow N.O.G., including varying product sizes, surface finishes, and detail complexity. With professional technique and equipment, data overlap is not an issue, and post-process fixes are not required.

If you have any questions (technical specifications or quality related) regarding our services, feel free to reach out to us by email or phone. Learn more about our service offerings in-depth at our information pages here.

Technical Information:

Accuracy: 0.025 mm / 0.0009 in, ISO 17025 Accredited
Volumetric Accuracy, 9.1 m3 (320 ft3): 0.064 mm / 0.0025 in, ISO 17025 Accredited
Volumetric Accuracy, 16.6 m3 (586 ft3): 0.078 mm / 0.0031 in, ISO 17025 Accredited
Max Resolution: 0.025 mm / 0.0009 in